Schott N.Y.C. Leather Jackets

CW: Ryan King 


Schott was founded in New York City in 1913. They designed the ‘Perfecto’ Leather Jacket that is synonymous with the punk rock movement in the 70s and 80s.


Like New York, Schott remains timeless, true to itself, and relevant regardless of trends.


New York Like No Other

Each video features a New York based band that encapsulates the gritty spirit of Schott.

Out of Home
Setting the campaign in New York City, the epicenter of art and high fashion, Schott reminds New Yorkers that they can transcend trends.

Sponsorship – Anti-Fashion Week
To fight further against the trend cycle, Schott steps outside of it. In an Anti-Sponsorship with New York Fashion Week, Schott decides to highlight creatives that have been true to themselves from the start.

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